Honda Brio City Car Hatchback Era Milenials

Honda Brio Automatic Transmition

Honda Brio It is a 5-door subcompact hatchback type car produced by Honda in Indonesia and Thailand.

This car was introduced in March 2011, and got a positive response at the start of its debut.

Honda Brio was launched in Indonesia in August 2012, with prices at launch ranging from 149-170 million rupiah.

In August 2013, Brio began to be assembled in Indonesia with the presence of the LGCC version called Brio Satya.

Armed with a 1200cc engine, fuel consumption for this car is relatively economical.

In addition, the design of the Honda brio is very sporty but elegant, apart from that the cabin space of the brio is also spacious,

with a sporty front seat design, in line with the dashboard and control panel of this car.

This has succeeded in making millennials glance even make the Brio car their everyday vehicle.

Manual and automatic transmission options also add to the variety of Brio users. Not only suitable for driving men, Brio is also very attractive to women.

Trendy appearance with eye-catching color choices makes women smitten with the Honda Brio.

In 2019 Honda made changes and adjustments to the rear of the Honda Brio. The use of the oval model is considered a success.

It boosted Brio car sales figures.This is proven by the high market demand and the many Brio cars on the streets.

Honda Brio Car, Best Selling Choice of Rental Vehicles

Since its launch, Honda Brio has had its own fans, low prices, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and fuel economy. are some of the reasons stated by most Brio fans.

This is also the basis for thinking for rental entrepreneurs, especially on Lombok Island, to choose Brio as one of the rental vehicles in their car rental.

In addition, high market demand also encourages using Brio as their rental unit.

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